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Intelligent Writing System| Innovative Erasable Smart Pen | 72 Languages Handwriting Transcription

  • Our mission statement is to "make the world paperless," and we're doing just that, as seen by the constant innovation and enhancement of our smart pens. We at Smart SyncPen are thrilled to present the Smart SyncPen, our cutting-edge, fourth-generation reusable Smart SyncPen!  This new iteration of the Smart SyncPen makes it simple to erase your writing and start over!
  • We ultimately created this new reusable smart pen because of the encouragement and support we received from customers who purchased our earlier models of smart pens! Thus, without further ado, allow us to present to you.

Intelligent and Precise Writing System

  • The intelligent writing technology integrated into Smart SyncPen uses an infrared camera, a unique micro-dot pattern, and a specifically created algorithm to record your writing trajectory. The camera lens can collect more than 200 frames per second and has a high recognition speed.  The pressure sensor value has been updated to 16,384, which precisely matches the pressure you apply to the capture! To ensure that you never lose your notes, you can also synchronize your handwritten and drawn information with the Smart SyncPen and save it to the cloud! Additionally, you may view the notes on your tablet or phone at any time, from any location.

Erasable and Reusable Smatpen Set

  • Breaking new ground, the Smart SyncPen can create erasable writing marks! Using a hot air dryer or an eraser and wet wipes, you can rapidly remove the notes from the reusable paper. and after that, recycle! Furthermore, a single sheet of this stone notebook paper weighs 120 grams. These special materials give the pages strength and waterproofness. You can reuse it more than 500 times on a single page! Thus, you preserve the environment while reaping the rewards of cutting-edge technology !

72 Languages Handwriting Transcription

  • Regardless of your writing speed, the smart pen can precisely identify and translate the language you write in.  Smart SyncPen uses MyScript technology, which translates 72 languages—including mathematical terms and equations—quickly. You have the option of transcribing the entire page or just a certain section. You can immediately copy and paste the content after transcription!  The text transcription can also be saved as a.txt or.docx file. If any word in the text is identified as incorrect by the program, you can change it.

Smart Pen, also Smart Pages!

  • The notebook page can quickly and conveniently swap between two line thicknesses and four colors without having to touch the application. Additionally, you can choose additional desirable colors from the color palette in addition to the six frequently used colors that we have provided for you to quickly select on the app.

Backup Your Notes Effortlessly

  • It is quite simple to send a copy to your mailbox. It is sent after you tap the mailbox symbol on the page!  Remember that your content can be stored to the cloud and synchronized with our app.  You now have easy-to-use backup choices!

Record voices, then you'll never miss anything

  • Did you miss your teacher's obvious lesson? Was the board cleared by the instructor, or did they remove the slide too quickly?  Did you not comprehend the notes that you took? Having trouble remembering the minutes of meetings? These issues and more will be resolved for you by Smart SyncPen. All kinds of students, including those with learning difficulties, will find it beneficial as well.  We also cannot overlook office workers who are attempting to multitask or who have busy meeting records!  The note can record several recordings with one-click recording and playback to make sure you don't miss anything.

Playback the Track of Handwriting Movements

  • The app can not only preserve writing but can also keep track of the note-making process. If you want to review the whole idea-making process, you can playback the writing process on the app. You can choose 1x, 2x, and 4x speed to play, and you can also export it as a video.

Supports Offline Storage

  • You shouldn't be concerned even if you don't have a phone or network in your hands: Smart SyncPen has offline synchronization capabilities. More than 60 pages of notes can be stored in the pen's 16MB of storage. Thus, you may write down ideas at any moment using the pen and then import them into the app at a later time.

Classify and Organize Your Notes

  • It's convenient to organize your notes on the app!  You can add a tag to a note or attach a tag to several pages at a time. Then, select a tag, and you will find all the pages with that tag. You can also type in the keywords, then all the notes with this keyword will be sorted out. It’s a breeze to organize and find your notes!

Export Your Notes into Various Formats

  • You can export the entire notebook to a.pdf file or just a single page to a.pdf,.docx, or even a.jpeg or MP4 if you wish to share your thoughts with others. You can also share on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp if that's not enough!

Straightforward to Startup

  • The light flashes blue when the Smart SyncPen is turned on, and it starts up instantly when you start writing. This eliminates the need for laborious power-ups or sync steps, which involves waiting. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection that the Smart SyncPen employs is reliable and has a quick transfer speed.

Long standby capacity

  • Smart SyncPen is a sleek, contemporary pen that is easy to grasp thanks to its triangle-shaped design. In addition to using a large-capacity battery with fast charging technology, the pen supports type-C USB charging. It can write nonstop for nine hours on a single charge of an hour and a half. In addition, the Smart SyncPen can run on a single charge for a full year because to its powerful electric storage capacity!

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