• Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer

Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer

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A high-end, user-friendly, and reasonably priced smartphone stabilizer that makes it possible for anyone to become a successful filmmaker

  • With great pleasure, we present our newest offering, the Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer, a useful tool for your recording endeavors. Amazing stabilization for videos right at your fingertips!
  • With the use of innovative Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer technology, the 3-axis gimbal team has dedicated countless hours to creating the most advanced stability for mobile phones. Rich features are also available to brighten your life!
  • An amazing Gimbal Stabilizer can effectively reduce jitters and vibrations in all three axes (roll, tilt, and pan) when compared to 1 or 2-axis selfie-stick style gimbals. This allows the phone camera to be balanced in real time, producing steady and smooth recordings.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge FOC technology, the incredibly lightweight and small Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer brushless motors have nearly twice the power of standard brushless motors, providing you with increased durability and versatility. To flip to landscape mode, double-click the M key after that. Get every angle as near to flawless as possible!
  • Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer AI automatic face tracking function, believe me, you¬†WILL¬†love it!
  • By combining a¬†face recognition algorithm with a dedicated AI chip, we achieve high-precision automatic tracking. At the same time, we can guarantee that no matter how you move the location, you will always be in the center of the screen.
  • It can not only track people,¬†but also identify objects, buildings, animals, and so on!
  • Carrying the Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer around is as easy as placing it in a pocket!

  • Thanks to its ingenious three-axis design, the Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer significantly reduces the size of the gimbal to an incredible degree. You can fold it up and take it anywhere!
  • The Amazing Gimbal Stabilizer features an ergonomic handle design. Turns on the power and the gimbal instantly automatically levels itself, compensating for any uneven shoulder rotation and arm movement to capture fleeting moments.
  • Double click for Sharp-flash mode and single click to different color temperatures.
  • With a dedicated app ‚ÄúGimbal Show‚ÄĚ, you can try more photography effects!
  • Hitchcock effect
  • Time-lapse photography¬†
  • Video synthesis¬†
  • Of course, you can do the following without an app. Press the trigger key three times to enable the Inception effect.
  • Inception effect

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